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You really need to integrate with CommerceHUB. WE just signed up with online portal and the require the use of CommerceHUB to fulfill orders through their system. This is a large company that services huge online companies like bestbuy, walmart, toysrus and more. Please get an integration set up asap and take over the shipping integration world!
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We need the integration with Commerce hub, too. BTW, Ebridge is not doing well in this part. Don't try it.
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Hi all,


Re. to the CommerceHub integration (e.g. with DSCO portal, with OrderStream, etc), you can consider Dscopify solution (


Dscopify can helps in 2 ways:


(1) if you are using Shopify, it provides out-of-box plug&play integration with CommerceHub platforms to connect with trading partners within CommerceHub Network e.g. ike Macys, Costco, Nordstrom, Saks, and many more.  Many suppliers/brands are already using Dscopify for Shopify/CommerceHub integration and subsequently, using Shopify/ShipStation app to manage their order processes. With Dscopify, all flows are comprehensively covered (e.g. inventory, catalog, orders, shipments, invoices, cancellations).


(2) If you are NOT using Shopify, it can be extended fairly easily to provide you direct integration using ShipStation's API and hooks. 


If you are having a difficult time to manage the processes with CommerceHub, or, if you want a seamless integration between your CommerceHub account with Shipstation (either directly or via Shopify), or if you want to streamline your existing processes to make it more robust, efficient, and zero-manual work, then I invite you to get in touch with me directly or at and I'll provide you all support required.





I have created a hybrid shipstation solution with commerce hub.  we use it for Lowe’s and the way it works is we download the order file from commerce hub and upload it to a particular folder in Google drive.  We then go to the Google sheet that is tied into the ship station api and press a button to run the script to pull the data Into shipstation.  The data is also brought into another Google sheet that has all of the info such as carrier, shipment type, invoice number and invoice date.  once the package ships the tracking number is brought into that Google sheet.  This way the warehouse does not have to handle any of that.   I still have to go in manually an add the tracking number, tracking type etc but the most time consuming part of entering all of the correct data to ship is automated.  A process that took 15 minutes before takes between 1-2.  Commerce hub still does not have an api connection ( which I think is nuts) but I am sure a more integrated solution then even I built could be developed right now to automate a lot of this process.