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Most of our Amazon products require buyer input for customization (color, size, numbers, etc.) and we have been using a 3rd party service to import this info to Shipstation.

The customization information from Etsy and eBay orders comes over cleanly, but not Amazon.

Would love this feature.



New Contributor

For anyone else finding this thread, here's a solution I built that has some useful features:
- Choose where you display the customization: item options, Internal Notes, Customer Notes, etc.
- Include/exclude surface names, item names, quantity, etc.

See the image for current configuration options.



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We use DataAutomation, they're partners with ShipStation and with Amazon and they're reliable because they've been doing it so long. If you have an issue they have a team that can fix the problems quickly plus they have tech contacts at ss and amazon. They also setup our packing slips for us so that they have all the information we need and formatted exactly how we wanted it to be. We've been happy with them for over a year