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Status: Completed
Ebay has introduced a new "Delivery Guarantee" that offers us the ability to guarantee delivery time OR handling time for packages. If we choose the Guaranteed Handling Time option, Ebay will guarantee the delivery, and if it's late, they'll refund the customer the shipping. The only catch is they are (so far) going to require we use Ebay labels to print postage for packages, which is time consuming versus using ShipStation. Could your API developers please reach out to Ebay and see if we could get ShipStation as a "qualified provider" so we can keep using SS and still be part of the "Delivery Guarantee program?"
First-timer (legacy)
It is a no brainer for us, if SS is not qualified for the guaranteed delivery system we will be cancelling our service. And a broad statement like "Our Product Team will reiew..." is not going to cut it, we have a business to run and waiting around for "solutions" doesn't work for us.
First-timer (legacy)
Ebay will start this program in about 1 week. I've already downloaded ship rush and made my account active for the transition. The good news for Shipstation is eBay's partner platform Shippo is a joke and ShipRush wants $795 after your 2 month trial ends. I cant imagine this isn't being worked on. Can you guys just fill everyone in on the progress?
First-timer (legacy)
Ebay Delivery Guarantee program is starting soon. Any news? We hate to switch....
if you want to keep up with the competition, MAKE IT SO SCOTTY
First-timer (legacy)
Guaranteed delivery going live full scale on eBay. Please let us know if you are going to be able to do this or not. We need to make adjustment plans ASAP. in eBay's own words "eBay Guaranteed Delivery is almost here. Opt in today to avoid getting your listings filtered out by buyers."
First-timer (legacy)
Really disappointed Shipstation was not on top of this. Do you really expect any of your ebay sellers to continue using your service? As much as I love shipstation, There is no way I will allow my ebay sales to fall due to shipstations lack of integration of this feature.
First-timer (legacy)
Need the API asap because eBay SG must be used by 9/15. If SHIP STATION don't catch features for marketplaces, we have to leave SS soon, especially Amazon FBA taking over 50% of my shipments.
First-timer (legacy)
Not integrating with the Delivery Guarantee will be a big blow to Ebay sellers like our company. We will be forced to weigh other shipping platforms if this is not resolved quickly! Shipstation needs to be a qualified provider, please work on this ASAP!
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Yes, we are looking at Shippo and Shiprush, at this time since it does not appear that you have an immediate plan of getting this done. Both Shippo and ShipRush offer it. Shippo is currently free for eBay users as well, and Shiprush is less than Shiptation.
First-timer (legacy)
We really need this feature on ebay to continue being competitive