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Etsy's "Message to Buyers" field (& sometimes some number 1s), are coming through to the "Internal Note" box on Shipstation all of a sudden - guessing an API v3 change?  I removed the field from printing on my packing slips, but is there a way to unlink those? Not sure if other users would want that, but maybe send it to a custom field instead?  I liked using the internal notes field for notes we add that I want to print on the slip.


Hey there @ryann_kahn


Thank you for bringing us this feedback! 


I'll move this post over to our idea section so that other community members can show their support with comments and kudos! 

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We've noticed this as well this morning. This is definitely not a change that we love as it makes the actual internal use of those notes impossible. This disrupts our ability to communicate about these orders with people across our company. We would DEFINITELY support the idea of unlinking these. We don't need to see the information that we are giving to our Etsy customers come back to us. We already know it. And I would really like to be able to use the notes again.

Hey there @ryann_kahn amd @THJ


I checked in with my team and confirmed that they are aware of this and are working on a fix currently! I don't have an ETA for its resolution yet, but I've got my eyes on the process. As soon as its completed, I will update you both here 🙂 

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We are having a similar problem with the ShipStation - Shopify integration.  Suddenly Shopify Order Tags are appearing as text in the ShipStation "Internal Notes" field.  We use that field for other purposes, so this is causing a problem with our order fulfillment.   Can someone please share this with the ShipStation development team.  Thanks!

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We have the same problem with WooCommerce. It overwrites any internal notes we make. 

This was supports response.

"Within ShipStation, there is currently not a setting to prevent information from importing and our system imports what is sent from the selling channel to a certain requested field."

But Woocommerce isn't "sending" anything. Their plugin is installed and they fetch via the WooCommerce API so they have 100% control of the code and data every step of the way. At a minimum, it should not overwrite the data in the note it should concatenate it.