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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
We would like to ship our LTL items under our FedEx Freight account for LTL items. This is for Economy Shipping and Expedited by ground not AIR.
First-timer (legacy)
I was told by SS: "I’m sorry, but at this time we’re not able to create FedEx Freight labels by using the API. This too would be a feature request you could suggest on those forums." Does this feature request cover the above?
First-timer (legacy)
Hello, Yes, this should cover your request as well. I recommend voting for this feature request if you would like to see more traction with supporting FedEx Freight in ShipStation. Thank you, ShipStation
First-timer (legacy)
This is a no-brainer, with oth US domestic carriers aggregating LTL volume as total volume and more and more ecom companies moving larger items, having baked in LTL support is a top priority. Especially as UPS & FedEx offer universal tracking for their LTL networks. unlike unsupported carriers using the "Other classification" for those of us moving freight.
First-timer (legacy)
Adding LTL freight carriers (UPS, YRC Fedex etc) would be a tremendous help to us as well to help improve our shipping process, please be sure to add this integration if you can
First-timer (legacy)
looking for both UPS Freight as well as FedEX and UPS LTL options.
First-timer (legacy)
Any movement on this?
Occasional Contributor
Can we have an update on what progress has been made on this if any. Thanks
First-timer (legacy)
Shipping fright thru ShipStation would be awesome, a one stop shop for all you shipping and logistic needs!!! Any update on this???
Occasional Contributor
We would like to have this option as well.
First-timer (legacy)
This is critical for us as well. Our hope was to get all of our shipping into one software, but it has to be fragmented for our freight orders so we still have to collate multiple reports.