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Occasional Contributor
Status: New

Please create functionality to automatically set an order's Package Dimensions and Weight to match those provided by Intuitive Shipping at checkout.  Thank you!


I wonder if the XML import supports a field for the presets, this is what we plan on using for packaging dimensions and weights with our custom Order Entry System.

Occasional Contributor

I have actually found a workaround for this, but thought I would throw it out there in the off chance Shipstation might get around to integration support.  For now, this is the solution:

Package info from IS shows up in Shipstation under "Notes from Buyer”.  If you give each of your packages a unique name (such as using the package dimensions, I’m using 8-8-8 for an 8x8x8 box) you can use this text as an trigger to set package dimensions in Shipstation.  

In automation create the criteria "Notes from Buyer" > "Contains" > (Package Name). Then use the action "Set Package Dimensions" to match your box size.

If your product weights in Shipstation are accurate, the weight should be close, but I have also added the action "adjust order weight" to add the weight of the empty package as well. For some reason, this second automation action isn't working and I'm waiting on Shipstation support to get back to me about that.

Hope this info is helpful to you!