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I would ideally like to have the ability to allow for orders that are imported via shopify that contain multiple locations to appear in their own separate locations.

Currently when an order contains different item locations are imported as if they are all coming from one place, however if we had the ability to split those that would add a layer of depth that would enable us to ship from different locations and feeding back into shopify in a partially fulfilled state.

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ha! I am building a private sync app for a customer to solve exact same problem, just completed a simple POC which does exactly the same, not sure how to DM on this platform as I just signed up to ask a question about parentId field and came across the thread while searching for an answer 

I am the developer of a popular Multi-Location Inventory Info app on Shopify, not sure if we can share Urls here but just look at us on the App Store and ping me on our support email if you would like to use it


pateketu  has the right idea.  Since Shopify allows fulfillments from different locations, then SS should import the data that way as separate labels, as impossible to use the same label to ship from multiple locations.  Today, we must manually split these out, and if we forget, then only a single label is generated.  That makes matters worse, no way to correct for this - cannot cancel the label.

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@Leviosa Yep, that is an issue, We did a private app for a Shopify Plus merchant and it is working great for them.

I have just updated the app so it can be a public app and have submitted it to the Shopify App Review team, fingers crossed, hope it will get approved and will be available on the Shopify App store soon, 

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@Leviosa We have finally launched the Public app which will allow syncing of multi-location orders in Shopify to multiple stores in ShipStation