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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
Would love to be able to integrate Sendle (USA) as a carrier. It's available in Australia so hopefully this wouldn't be too difficult since you already have the option available in the Australia market. Really don't want to use another platform but the shipping options/pricing are great!
First-timer (legacy)
Does everyone know that since added USPS Priority Mail "Cubic" rates it renders Sendle unneeded?
First-timer (legacy)
100% I can confirm with Cubic rates you don’t need sendle. In fact they are more expensive than USPS now. They are just reselling first class postage...
Actually Craig, that depends what level you are shipping with on Sendle. When I compare rates for the same package its 7.54 in shipstation and 6.99 in sendle.
First-timer (legacy)
I just got off the phone with James, the CEO of Sendle, and Richa, the head of partnerships for Sendle. They had to steer me to DesktopShipper and 2Ship because you guys are way too slow with your integration with Sendle. I even spoke with one of your sales guys, Omar, and his exact words were "don't hold your breath". That's really sad to hear because I was really looking forward to using your platform. Oh well, I guess it's DesktopShipper for me!!
Please add Sendle to Shipstation.
First-timer (legacy)
Need to get Sendle added to ShipStation ASAP! We're considering switching over to Sendle and away from ShipStation.
First-timer (legacy)
I made my comment back on June 8 of 2020 and I am trying to hang in there with Shipstation. But I could really use Sendle on the platform so we ship our packages with much more efficiency. Thanks for hearing us out. Sendle keeps getting bigger as we continue to utilize the service and it continues to build its footprint.
First-timer (legacy)
Clearly there are many of us that want this integration. The only reason I can think that this integration is not being considered is that Sendle is a USPS wholesaler and would be in direct competition to Stamps. Very sad.
i need shipsation to be connected to Sendle us
First-timer (legacy)
We would love to be able to use ShipStation for our retail business, but because Sendle isn't available as an integration in the US, we won't be able to use ShipStation. Please add Sendle integration for US customers. Thank you.