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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
It would be great to have a third party billing option for Purolator
First-timer (legacy)
This would be a HUGE asset to our organization. We have many customers who have us use their Purolator account for shipping. Being able to integrate it into ShipStation would save us so much time and so many headaches! Please Help!!!
First-timer (legacy)
This would be a huge help and save time not needing to use Purolators website for 3rd party billing.
First-timer (legacy)
Problem: ShipStation does not support third party billing across all carriers (Specifically Purolator) User Goal: Be able to ship with Purolator or any carrier and use third party billing How often does the user encounter this? Any time a user tries to ship with Purolator, they are unable to bill a third party, but the UI gives the user the impression that they can even though they cannot which leads to confusion and frustration on the user's end ZD link: MGMT link:
First-timer (legacy)
Our warehouse ships a few million dollars a year worth of product. The VAST majority goes out purolator collect to the distributors who have ordered it. In the wholesale world 80% of customers want their items shipped third party collect. Making this change would improve our workflow, we would be able to fully integrate shipstation as our only point of shipping for all of our packages, rather than having to send most of them manually though the purolator website. This would be a huge asset to us, as we work with SOS inventory which has shipstation integration. It would save time, and paperwork to have this feature fully integrated.
New Contributor

I could use this feature when shipping wayfair orders!