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I'm considering adding products to a Tiktok shop

This is different from integrating your shopify store with Tiktok - so the sales actually go vuia Tiktok.


Is there anyway to integrate this with Shipstation - or future plans to?


Thanks, Sarah

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Hello @sarah1 @Seebie @Devin_DA @PBNCreations @WW 
The best possible solution is connecting both platforms directly, to avoid the double work of integrating it first with Shopify and then flowing the orders to Shipstation.

Instead, you can reach out to them -
They can help you with the same, where they can help you to automate the order push from Tiktok to Shipstation and push tracking back to Tiktok from Shipstation.
You can discuss more options with them via their contact page -
Hope this helps!

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Tiktok shop is its own seller central. Tiktok creators can post a video about your product add your product to their showcase and get comission for sales. Its powerful
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Also looking for this feature!

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@info966 - you can reach out to the below, they have a prebuilt connector -


You can use an app called, AfterShip Feed for TikTok Shop to connect TikTok Shop to Shopify, which then your Shipstation connects to Shopify.

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Hi @TreyTanella _ yes that is also a good option, but they don't have a direct integration and also don't support order push.

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Please add TikTok integration. Just spent days getting TikTok setup right to sell and just kind of figured Shipstation would have integration. This sucks! I cannot manage another channel without integration. I will most likely have to stop selling on TikTok for this reason. I refuse to use no name 3rd party integrations that cost even more money. Uhg... Any plans on adding TikTok?

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Tik Tok announced they are now working with Royal Mail’s FREE Click & Drop service. Shipstation, you’ve really got to sharpen up when it comes to adding new feature requests. For every customer you lose because you don’t support them where others do, there will be 10-100 customers that never sign up for the same reasons. Click & Drop and now Amazons Veeqo are free services offering services you don’t. It took you well over a year to semi-automate Royal Mail’s native tracking messages and that still is far from perfect. Shipstation is not cheap, so please at least stay relevant before it’s too late.