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First-timer (legacy)
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Hey Team - Is there any eta on getting more functionality out of the Zapier integration? The biggest area I feel is missing right now is just actions. If we could find and update: orders, customers and products through zapier actions I think there would be workarounds for a lot of the other requests that have been mentioned by other users. Is this in the pipeline or not something that you're working towards?
First-timer (legacy)
It would be most helpful if your Zapier App would also send the actual "Service Name" of how the order was shipped. I can see where you are providing the "Service Code and Carrier Code" however we really need the Name as well.
First-timer (legacy)
I'm using the shipstation + zapier integrations and I love them! I'm getting to the point in my business where I'd like to use 'delivery confirmations' as a trigger inside of zapier, so that I can automatically text my customers (like the big box companies do) when it's officially at their front door. What would it take to set 'delivery confirmation' up as a trigger inside of zapier? Thanks so much, Chais
First-timer (legacy)
Hi! Any update here? We would love this as well. We use zapier for api integration between shipstation and hubspot and a delivered trigger would be incredibly useful. Right now we are having to rely on time delay to mark as delivered which is not accurate at all.
First-timer (legacy)
I would like to be able to have a Zap be triggered when a new Return is received.
First-timer (legacy)
I'm trying to automate a process using the Zapier "Order Shipped" trigger for Shipstation, but a few fields are missing in this trigger that oddly enough show up in the "New Order" trigger i.e. the "Custom Fields". This is very necessary for our business as we store important information in the "Custom Fields" and would like to pull that data automatically via Zapier.
First-timer (legacy)
Hello, I'm looking for a Zap when an item is delivered as well. How can I set up an alert when an item has been delivered?
New Contributor

Question on Action: I can't get ShipStation to recognize multiple rows in my Zap connected Google Sheet as the same Order (same Order#) with multiple items --- it just keeps overwriting my item until I have only the last item listed in the order. I saw some comment about "in line items" in a spreadsheet but I'm not sure what the correct format for my data should be to make this work.