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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Hi We've been on shipstation for many years now. We're moving into the wholesale business, and need to use Zoho for our CRM to best prospect and manage accounts. We need transaction data back to Zoho so we can see how accounts are trending, etc. Anyway - we're using Magento as our front-end, but Zoho Inventory for our ERP (and it talks to Zoho Books, and back to CRM and to Support - yada....) All in, we'd like to be able to book Sales Orders in Zoho Inventory (instead of Magento) and SHIP from Zoho Inventory. This is all a long request for Zoho Inventory integration into Shipstation - exactly like you do for eComDash or Stitch. (Zoho Inventory does also do marketplace integration and integrate to Magento, BigCommerce, etc... I see it being a serious contender in the future as the aforementioned Apps didn't work for us). Thanks!
First-timer (legacy)
I would like to connect to ZOHO too!
First-timer (legacy)
Me too...
First-timer (legacy)
I have used several, shipstation is the best. I have used it for a year now. Please integrate!
First-timer (legacy)
Please, please, please Shipstation, consider a Zoho Inventory and Shipstation integration. We LOVE the Shipstation/WooCommerce integration - it's fantastic! Thanks for all that you do!
First-timer (legacy)
Putting in our vote for this integration. Zoho Inventory + Shipstation would be WONDERFUL.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes! Please integrate shipstation with Zoho Invoice
First-timer (legacy)
I would also like to see a Zoho Inventory integration but I would like to ship from shipstation not from Inventory. We currently use Shopify for B2C and Inventory for B2B. Being able to have the same Workflow for both types of orders is critical. We currently built a custom connector using webhooks to get Zoho Inventory sales orders into Shipstation but have to manually mark the order as shipped and ready to invoice in Zoho Inventory. It would be great if this were automated and officially supported!
First-timer (legacy)
Please create an integration with Zoho CRM and Zoho Books
First-timer (legacy)
YES! We recently made the switch to Zoho and really like the system, but their internal shipping functionality is pretty terrible compared to ShipStation. A direct Zoho > Shipstation integration needs to happen, the two softwares are made for each other. We've also found them incredibly easy to work with and their software and API is extremely well coded and supported, should be a piece of cake!
First-timer (legacy)