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Products mysteriously changed to NOT returnable??

New Contributor

Has anyone noticed products randomly getting set to "Not Returnable"?

We have used Shipstation for over 3 years, and the entire time we have had to keep setting our products back to Returnable=True by downloading our products, editing them to to TRUE then reupload the file to fix them.

We use Shopify as the only connection, and it only happens on certain items.

Support is not willing to develop a fix since they claim we are the only ones with the issue.
We ship by pulling up an order and using the "Configure Shipment" box on the right. We set the Ship From, Weight, Service, Package, Size as needed. Then we click the "Click to save as shipping defaults for this product".

It seems like items we recently have shipped or used that feature with are the ones that get set to Returnable=False without our knowledge or consent. Later we get customers trying to use the return portal, but they tell us the page says the item is not returnable. If we go to products, we find the check box empty. So we check it, and then it works. 

Later we have the same issue with other items, and sometimes the same time. Rinse repeat...
If others can confirm the same issue, please respond or create a case with them so they will think about fixing it.