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Hello all!

I am currently looking at upgrading our shipping workflows. I am intending on buying new scales for all of our shipping lanes. One problem we are running into is the USB scales. There are SO many out there. I am familiar with the SS recommendations, but the DYMO scales power off and then there are connectivity issues that occur.


I want a scale that does not power off and that connects via USB so our shippers can just click one button. Any ideas?



What's the Maximum weight of the packages you need to weigh, and what level of precision are you looking for? We've used a wide array of scales over the years, but some of our favorites had a relatively low weight capacity.
Does the DYMO M25 digital scale you mentioned meet all of your requirements other than the automatic time out?

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We have been using the Mettler scales that is listed as one to use with shipstation.  It is a high efficiency scale so sometimes if it goes offline its a pain to set back up, but doesn't happen often. 

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Can you expand on this " It is a high efficiency scale so sometimes if it goes offline its a pain to set back up, but doesn't happen often. "


What do you mean by "offline"? Does that mean if it powers off? And how complicated is the set up?

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I am looking for the same thing. The autoshut off of the Dymo's are a total deal killer. The scales are not good at all. They break after a few weeks of use.


The Mettler scales that ShipStation suggests are long discontinued.

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Best one we've found is the Mettler Toledo PS60. We have them on all our workstations and love them. Fast and reliable, plug and play set up. It's a 150lb capacity so you'll need to evaluate that and see if it meets your needs.

We also use Mettler Toldeo at all of our work statios. More expensive, but they last A LOT longer and have higher weight capacities. You can get them from ULINE.


Also, if you ship a lot via UPS or FEDEX contact your account rep and you can usually get one through their technology programs.