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As security is key these days and 2 Factor Authentication is now in demand and is basically standard for most apps and platforms we would very much like to see ShipStation implement this so it can either have 2 factor by SMS text option or authentication App such as Twilio Authy. Hoping to see this soon 🙂

Occasional Contributor

I actually can't fathom why this has not been introduced, 2FA should be considered by everyone especially a company such as Shipstation.  In all of the applications we use Shipstation is highest on our risk register for unintended access as it a) contains all customer data related to orders and b) it's so easy to access without industry standard security considerations like 2FA or SSO.


This is a reason to consider alternatives by itself.


ShipStation needs to address this issue. Without multi-factor authentication, any company looking to comply with SOC2 or ISO 27001 data protection standards stands to fail an audit. Additionally, at rest encryption documentation needs to be made available for its customers to supply to auditors and their customers. 

New Contributor

Would love to see 2FA. This is a must in this day and age.


please get 2FA installed shipstation... this is a must


pls set up 2-step verification for ship-station I have a friend that is account got hacked and they took out over 20k dollars worth of labels