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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
Hi Guys, I'm using the My Post Business via the Ship Station. At the beginning of the integration process, I've been promised to have the 2 x payment options for the label purchase via the SS. First is the Credit card payment and the second is to be able to use your existing My Post Business account (30 days credit). What we are facing now, by using the only payment option available (credit card).is that the post office is not providing the invoices based on the credit card purchases. At the EOFY my accountant asking me where did I spent all the credit card money, and I do not have any evidence to cover this expense. I'm sure this little issue can be resolved to be able to use Ship Station in the future. Thank you.

You should make a option to load your payment options and then be able to select what option you want to use.


To be honest I don't need 100's or invoices I just want one a month I just have to pay.

Status changed to: Planned
Status changed to: Completed

Hi all, 


I just wanted to provide an update on this Idea. This has been implemented and you are now be able to use existing My Post Business account as your payment method. 


You can read more about this in the following Help Center Article: 

Australia Post MyPost Business: Connect a MyPost Business Account to ShipStation


Thank you again for your idea!