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Status: New

Upon my first try of the new label printing workflow UI, I have the following suggestions:

1 - Part of the insurance amount field is cut off (see image). Please make sure you test on Safari 16.5.1 (Mac OS Ventura 13.4.1) and that it can handle font size changes.

Screenshot 2023-07-29 at 3.04.42 PM.png

2 - It now takes an extra click to access the manual Print link, which is a step backwards. There seems to be room in the GUI to add a Print button for this that like doing manual printing (or where your ShipStation Connect doesn't work sufficiently), instead of having to click the ••• menu and then click Print.

Screenshot 2023-07-29 at 3.07.30 PM edit.png


Occasional Contributor

We really need this screen scaleable

Occasional Contributor

Over 2 months and no response to this VERY basic text formatting issue (#1 above)???

Does SS even read these feedback posts?


Hello @Mark21


Thank you for being a part of our community and for reaching out. 


Thank you for this feedback, we do not have an update about this request at this time. As soon as we do we will make sure you are updated. 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager