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As of October 2021 Warehouse Locations are 100% unusable in a production environment.  While it is easy to enter a shelf/bin number there is no way to easily view what shelf/bin a product is located in when processing/picking/pulling orders.  In its current state the following workflow is required to view a shelf/bin number...

1. Highlight all orders you want to allocate...

2. Click allocate selected orders.

3.perform the following steps for EACH order you just allocated...
A. click the order
B. perform the following steps for EACH item in EACH order...
a. click an item in the order 
b. click the inventory tab 

c. MANUALLY RECORD the the shelf/bin of the item
d. close the popup window.

e. click the next item in the order go to step b.
C. After you have recorded all the locations for all the items in the order close the order
D. Click the next order, go to a.

Warehouse Locations in Inventory Management should be clearly marked as beta or experimental as it simply is unusable in it's current state.




Have you found a resolution to warehouse locations being unusable? 


I am running into the same issue! 




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@bidfta yes!  You must update to the new version of the Layout AKA the "New Layout".  In the New Layout there is an option to turn on printing "Item Locations" on the packing slip.  Note the check box to turn on "Item Locations" does not exist in the old layout/UI.

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But it only works on Packing Slips.  It doesn't work on Pick lists.