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The present state of the tabs is extremely confusing when you have a lot of tabs and wish to use them in any work flow layout.   Stop the tabs from changing their position once they are clicked upon, don't have them jump next to the all tab and swap the tab that was next to All with the location where you clicked on the tab.  This is wildly confusing and doesn't make sense, it also makes it very difficult to use the tabs in any logical order because they keep moving around.  This is even worse once the tabs expand into the more view drop down.  The position of the click should remain the tab, not change to some other tab!

Allow us to freeze the tabs and just select the tab we click on rather than move them.  Allowing us to order the tabs then makes sense and this will allow us to use the tabs as a work flow.

I would also suggest that in such mode you do away with the more views dropdown and just allow for multiple tab row or make it scrollable or reduce their size.   Anything would be better than moving the actual tab after clicking on it.