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This "feature" has caused us a ton of issues throughout the year, and I would love to see a solution.

On the scan to print/verify view that our shipping operators use, it is very easy for a regular operator who only has permissions to ship to accidentally update a mapped shipping service setting for the entire store when they're just trying to do it for a single order. We rely heavily on the service mapping settings to make sure orders are getting assigned the proper shipping service, and when an operator inadvertently saves something incorrectly it impacts hundreds of orders. 

I would love to see the scan to print view simplified to exclude the option to update mapping settings for the entire store, or at least for this feature to live behind a permission setting that hides it for users who only have shipping permissions. 

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Agreed, the user should be able to change the service type without updating the mapped service. I'm sure we will run into this when we are able to go live with ShipStation.