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I made a mistake with my labels with some pretty high price packaging, forgetting to add insurance. I have $250 in my shipstation account, and my packages cost $220 to send, leaving me with $30 in the account. To fix my error, I must void the labels but it takes a few days for the $220 to credit back. Since the packages must be sent by tomorrow, this leaves me with 2 choices: Ask my coworker to add another $220 in to fix my mistake, but be unable to pull out that original $220 when the amount corrects. Not something we can do right now honestly.
Or 2: Just go with the mistake and hope these fragile packages make it in one piece without insurance to back it up.

I have to go with option 2, but had the void done an immediate credit back, I would been able to instantly correct my mistake with no issues.
Thank you.

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Hey there @ShelleyP


I will move this over to our ideas section so that our wonderful community can vote on this! 🙂