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I would like to know if there can be a no package movement notification after label is created. I ask because after label created it might get lost, the package misses scan or get lost. As a seller I'll only figure this out when the customer contact me complaining why his/her package didn't arrive.

Since there's an icon that informs the package status on shipstation (unknown, in transit and delivered) it will be extremely helpful if I could setup notifications based on this status. This way I'll be able to be notified if the order actually shipped or setup notifications based on the status change.

I really hope this is a good idea and don't think it will be that hard to apply to the already great shipstation.


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Hi @leocarlos_htc ! I used to use ShipStation all of the time at my last company. How many shipments do you do on average per week? If you are shipping via FedEx and/or UPS and it's not a ton, you can set up these notifications through FedEx or UPS. Also, when you go back through to your shipped orders you can tell which ones aren't moving by the little truck icon not being there. If there's someone at your company that can run a weekly report they can show you which ones have a "shipped date" and then which ones aren't in transit. Just helping out 🙂 




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@leocarlos_htc how many shipments are you processing a week? Are you using fedex or UPS? You can set up these notifications. Also, if you have time to run a weekly report on your shipped tab you can quickly view which ones are not in transit by showing the shipped date and tracking. Only the tracking with the truck next to it, is in transit. I hope this helps 🙂