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We have a warehouse in USA and UK, we want to use one log in to manage both sites but when it comes to add new couriers like Royal Mail they are not available in the list. How do we work this one through ?


Hey there @Derek_Brand,

Currently, a ShipStation account can only be based out of a single country. You can have several ship from locations within that country, but they would all have to be either USA based collectively or all UK based.

I do see why this would be desired though! I'll move this over to our Ideas section so that other community members can vote for potential implementation!


We'd like this feature too, more than any other feature. It's something all your competitors offer, and would help streamline our workflow.

New Contributor

we would also like this feature.  Having to have 2 shipstation accounts (1 US and 1 AUS) is inefficient and comes with an added cost.

Occasional Contributor

It's 2024? Have this been resolved? It's really a limiting factor for growth.

Occasional Contributor

Indeed.  I understand that from the Shipstation perspective, it's a win as they just get a completely new subscription (cash) for every country we ship from.  They don't have a lot of incentive to change this feature, regardless of the hassle it is for us.