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Hello and welcome to the ShipStation community. We have created this space for all ShipStation users to network, share tips, and tricks, and help each other solve complex workflow problems.


Let’s get started by taking a tour of the community and its features. 


As you will see along the top of the navigation menu, there are four parts to the community. They are Solutions, Blog, Discussions, and Groups and we are going to go over each of these sections and how to use them. 




Solutions is the Community-sourced knowledge base. This is where you will find help articles dedicated to specific solutions that have been shared in our Community. For example, we have this article which will show you how to create a Landscape packing slip.



From the Article page, you have the ability to add a comment, like the article, add kudos, or share on social media. 




The blog section is pretty much what it sounds like, a blog for the Community. This blog will feature announcements, community catchups, and other community-exclusive content from guest posters. 


You can also comment on and give kudos to blog posts.







The discussions section of the Community is where you will find all of the forum discussions. There are currently 5 boards on the community, which are: 



This board is mainly read-only and contains important information about the community and how to be successful as a community member. This will be where you can find the Terms of Service and all of the Community Guidelines. 


ShipStation Features:

This board is where you will go to discuss anything directly related to the ShipStation platform and its features. This is a good place to add discussions about ShipStation that might not fit in another board. If you are ever unsure of where to post, assign it here. 


Order Source Integrations:

This board is where you will post anything related to any of your selling channels or marketplaces. If it is in reference to an integration that imports or exports orders you will want to create your post here. 


Carrier Integrations:

This board is all about shipping and postage providers. Anything related to a postage provider or carrier integration will live here. 


Strategies & Workflows:

This board is all about you and your workflows. You can ask others for workflow and strategy advice or even share your own workflows or tips. 



This board will include posts about upcoming events, event recaps, and invites to exclusive community events. Feel free to post any professional events that you think others would benefit from here.



One of the coolest features of our new community space is our Group Hubs. This feature will allow you to join special interest groups in the community. Also when we see a discussion that might benefit from having its own group, our moderators will look into creating one, with feedback from the community.

If you want to join a group, go to Groups, click on the Group you want to join, and click Join Group Hub. If the Group is closed the button may look a little different since you will need to request access instead of joining directly. 



Private Messaging 


Another exciting feature that you will now have access to is Private Messaging. Now you can connect privately with other members of the Community. We hope that this feature will encourage even more networking and collaboration.



 You can also use this feature to reach out to the Community Manager or Moderators if you need to report anything. Please note that this feature is still subject to the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, so remember to be professional and respectful of others at all times. 

We hope you enjoy this new space and are looking forward to continuing to use this space to connect and help your business grow. 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager