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Bug Fixes


Edit Order & Shipment Details - We have fixed an issue, so now the State field displays when editing shipments addressed to Germany. Previously, the state field was missing if you had to edit a shipment going to Germany.



  • EVRi - Courier Collection: We have corrected an issue, so now the carrier will collect parcels at the Ship From location. Previously, the carrier used the customer address as the parcel pickup location.
  • UPS from ShipStation - We have corrected a problem, so you can now see rates and create labels when shipping to a PO Box using the Ground Saver service with UPS from ShipStation. Previously, if the Ship To was a PO Box, we returned an error message.

Selling Channels

  • ChannelAdvisor 
    • Order Import: We have corrected a problem, so orders with their payment status changed after the initial import will now be imported into ShipStation. Before, these orders were missed during the initial import. 
    • Shipment Notifications: We have corrected an issue, so now shipment updates for orders using FedEx International Priority service will be sent over. Previously, when orders used this FedEx service, the shipment updates sent back ‘null’ in place of the service name. 
  • Wix - We corrected a bug so now unit pricing should add up correctly to match the order totals reported by the marketplace. Previously, we were incorrectly adding up the unit prices reported by Wix in the order feed.