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A lot has changed in a decade! But one thing that has remained the same is our mission of helping merchants like you continue to grow your business through efficient and seamless ecommerce fulfillment. Join us as we take a walk down memory lane. 


Highlights: A Decade In Review 

  • We’ve helped ship over 3 billion orders
  • We’ve increased our selling channels by 10x 
  • We’ve grown the number of carrier integrations from 2 to 40+
  • We’ve helped countless users, like Beautyvice, scale using ShipStation


Check Out How a User Has Been Scaling Their Business With ShipStation Since 2012


“We were doing 20-30 orders a day when we started. We ramped up pretty quickly because we were 100% Amazon-driven. But it became difficult for us to depend on them at the level we were. So we regrouped and adapted, and today we are handling about 200,000 packages a year from the 10,000 back then.”

 - Beautyvice, ShipStation user since 2012


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What’s Better Than a Slice of Cake? 


To help celebrate our 10th anniversary, we decided we wanted to share the love with our users. For the rest of the month of October, we’re offering 10% off ShipStation services. Click the image below to redeem your special offer. 


What services do we offer? 



For new users looking to maximize the value of ShipStation's easy-to-use, scalable product by getting the implementation tuned to your business needs.



Streamline your users' knowledge of ShipStation through dedicated training and education within your own environment.


Ensure your third-party connections are configured and aligned to make the most of your workflow and drive your overall business operation.



Dive into your business operations across people, processes, technology, and metrics to ensure you can manage your business with efficiency and scale for the future.





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10 Years, Congrats!