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Carrier Eligibility Error

New Contributor

Good evening,

I have had zero luck with support so I was hoping a member of the community could help me out.

I have integrated SS with my Amazon account however when I try ship with any of the Amazon Buy Shipping carrier options I get the following error:

"Requested shipping service was not in the list of eligible shipping services returned by Amazon for this order. (Generic). (400, 6ce95632-adfd-4c11-9d0e-1f397dd4b385)"

As per supports suggestions I have updated branding, approved all the terms and conditions in seller central, removed and reapproved MWS permissions in seller central, removed and reintegrated the carrier and reconfigured the store, all multiple times but nothing seems to work. 

Does anyone have any ideas before I abandon the platform? Ive run out of other ideas.

Thank you



Having similar issue that no one knows how to resolve. Are these services available in Amazon Seller Central when comparing rates for the orders? And only unavailable in ShipStation? Also unrelated but curious if you have just one Amazon store / account in ShipStation, or more than one?

New Contributor

Yeh they're available in Amazon but not available in Shipstation for reasons unknown. I see there has been various ABS shipping errors reported since inception but not much info on this particular one. I do just have the 1 account on SS, I was intending to migrate ebay orders over too but since they seem incapable of fixing the very first issue ive come across I have lost faith in this platform a little.

The concern is when you have a critical issue that really does affect business, are they going to fix it in a timely manner? I have a feeling no, you will be in trouble.

Im going to stick with it a little longer as my already escalated support ticket has apparently been escalated again however im not holding my breath. I have already been shopping around for a similar platform but none have really jumped out at me as being particularly appealing. It might just be a case of sticking with RM OBA and Evri which is a shame since SS Evri rates are better then ive managed to get myself.

Good luck and if they respond with a working fix I will post it here

Having a similar issue. You are correct. I had an issue in the past and they were unable to resolve. Even worse, they sent me to the forums to find a solution. Ultimately, I figured it out on my own. Service never was great.

What issue are you having currently?