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FROM AUSTRALIA: Why the Additional Charge for an Unavailable MAJOR Carrier Service?

Occasional Contributor

Undeniably, Australia Post holds a monopoly in Australia. It's quite perplexing why we are being charged more for a service of lower quality. No other carrier come close in term of delivery reach, reliability and prices.

It would make sense if you established rates with Australia Post and then imposed charges on us only if we opted to use our own accounts.



Hi @herdimmunity


Thanks for being a part of our community and for sharing your feedback with us. 


We appreciate your feedback and understand that pricing changes can be challenging. Our #1 goal is to continue improving the ShipStation application to help your business ship more efficiently. If you would like to speak with a member of our team directly, please DM me with the best way to contact you. 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager 


Occasional Contributor

Hello Erin,

Thank you for your acknowledgment. However, I must emphasize the severity of our concerns. The recent surge in shipping costs is not only causing financial strain on our business but also leading us to question the value proposition of using ShipStation.

Beyond the matter of cost, the quality of service we've experienced with the carriers you provide has been consistently poor. We have faced instances where our items were lost in transit, and on multiple occasions, we were overcharged for parcels. These experiences have caused significant disruptions to our business operations and inconveniences to our customers.

We have chosen ShipStation in the past for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. However, the consistent rise in costs, coupled with subpar service from carriers, is prompting us to contemplate alternative shipping solutions. It is important to note that customer loyalty is built on trust and consistent performance, and right now, both are wavering due to the company's direction.

We hope our feedback is taken into serious consideration, and that we will see tangible improvements in your policy and service quality soon. The user experience should be a priority, alongside business growth.

Best regards,

A loyal customer that has been with Shipstation for several years