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Globalpost international fees

New Contributor

I'm wondering how GlobalPost fees to ship to Canada compare to the fees UPS charges to ship to Canada.

I occasionally ship from US to Canada using my own UPS account. In addition to Duties and GST, there are also:
• Entry Prep Fee
• Brokerage Fee
• Disbursement Fee

Do any of you know if GlobalPost has those same fees and if they do have them, if they're different than those UPS charges?




Hello @MCogswell!


Thank you for your post and questions! While I can't answer those specific questions, here is a helpful article for Global Post, which also contains a link at the bottom that can help you reach Global Post support to answer your specific questions. 


You also have the ability in ShipSation to set up duties and taxes to be paid by you for a more straightforward process. I have attached the help center articles for you here. You can reach out to support@shipstation if you need any further assistance.


Happy Shipping!



Thanks Cara. I emailed them and they didn't give me an answer. They just gave me a link to a page where you can calculate taxes and duties. But there are so many other fees including Entry Prep Fee which can run $28, unless they offer a discounted fee. The only way I can find out is to just ship a package to Canada and see what happens, since nobody can or will provide me with the information.

Hello @MCogswell !


Thank you for reaching out again! After digging around, I believe that the additional fees, such as entry prep fee, brokerage fee, and disbursement fee trio, are UPS things, and GlobalPost doesn’t have equivalent fees. 


I hope this helps!