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Locked out for 30minutes at a time

New Contributor

Hi there, I desperately need help with this frustrating issue! I’m trying to print a label from UPS but I get a red “Authentication fail” and I keep getting locked out. I need these packages shipped out by 5pm today.


Thanks in advance for the help I truly do appreciate it!


Hey there @Andres1


Thanks so much for taking the time to post in the community! We truly appreciate you joining us here! 


When it comes to direct login/processing issues of this variety, our recommendation is to reach out to the Support team right away so that you can get immediate attention to the behavior you're running into. 


I checked into the system and saw that you were able to get this resolved via the Support Team! You absolutely did the right thing in this instance by reaching out in that way! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


I am having the same issue and really need to have it fixed so I can start shipping by UPS. I, unfortunately, have not been able to talk to any at ShipStation?

Hey there @hitech


I am sorry to hear that you are also seeing this trouble. Now that we are back from the holiday weekend, please reach out to the Support team via Email or Chat so that my team can investigate in your account directly to help you get to the root of that UPS trouble and connected ASAP 🙂 


I hope its a great day! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!