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5 Copies of Every Label


I tried to print three labels today, Shipstation is putting 5 copies of every label into the print queue. This is a waste of supplies and my time. I can see that another customer is having the same problem but their post was locked in the forums. Is there a fix to this? Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling Shipstation Connect twice, restarting my computer, using a different browser & using a different computer. I printed labels off of two other platforms and no multiples were produced so this is a Shipstation only problem. 



The same thing is happening to me as well. Ours is printing 4 copies of everything. I've tried uninstalling and re installing shipsation connect, but it did not solve the issue. 


Ours is printing 2 copies of every label - not sure what is going on.


I had similar issue. Except mine would print until the roll was done. I had to unplug the printer. Close everything and restart. Did not clear up right away but eventually did after I shut down everything restarted etc... Waste of time and labels. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello amazing community members, 


I can see that we are seeing an influx of this occuring. I would strongly recommend that everyone who has posted here also reports this to support via chat or email at Remember that this is the way we keep track of potential emerging issues and evaluate its impact so we can prioritize solutions. 


I will also be forwarding this feedback but it is very important that everyone reports this via support as well. 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager