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Has anyone ever had their account closed without them notifying you? I have no emails. I checked all the contact info and it's fine. We have a positive account balance and all the credit card info was fine. We shipped on Thursday without issue and then on Friday at the end of the day we couldn't buy labels. Discovered the account is closed and it was too late to call. So I have to wait until Monday. This is so frustrating. 


Occasional Contributor

Yes, I'm dealing with this now also... on the very last possible day to ship before Xmas, with 100+ orders to ship. What a complete disaster - this will cost me thousands and all they can say is sorry, create a new account and lose all your old shipping data history. ShipStation of course just passes the buck to instead of taking an active role in trying to help solve the problem. This gives me zero confidence in using either of these services in the future for my $50k+ annual shipping needs.

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