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UPS Canada billing and label issues

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We have been complaining to ShipStation since Early fall 2020 about how all of a sudden our UPS labels are converting to cm and kg.

We submit the details in lbs and kg, UPS bills is in lbs and inches. The issue gets worse because the back and forth from quoting to labeling to billing causes small packages to be up charged from 1 lbs to 2 kg.

mall other carriers are labeling and billing without issue.


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What service exactly are you using?
You are saying that you intend to use lbs and inches, but shipstation converts to kg and cm?

Trying to understand so I can try and recreate the issue

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UPS (all services) from Canada to Canada, USA or worldwide.


All of our shipments and settings in ShipStation are pounds and inches. All of our other shippers (FedEx, Canada Post, Purolator and DHL) print labels with pounds and inches and so our billing matches up.For some reason all of our UPS labels convert to KG when printing. This means each and every 1 pound shipment is labeled as 1 kg, UPS then comes back and bills us for 2lbs on this type of shipment as they bill in pounds. I spoke to UPS and they were very clear that they accept use either metric for labels but in the end will bill in pounds based on the labeled measurements.

I don't know if this will help, but I stumbled upon it and thought of your problem again.ssweight.PNG

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Thanks for thinking of us...


I've checked the settings a million times and just checked again.  They are showing both inches and pounds/ounces as selected.

Note that other carriers (like FedEx) print labels showing inches and pounds.


The error is related to how ShipStation is transmitting the details when creating labels  (according to UPS support). And it really affects our 1 pound poly-pack shipments as they are automatically pushed to 2 lbs since 1 kg would be the minimum in metric.,


In the old community there was a thread about this but I could never find it again.


Support has acknowledged this and gone silent ever since including multiple follow up emails.


thanks again,


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We're encountering the same issue - was this ever resolved for you?