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UPS from Shipstation Rate Chart

New Contributor

I've noticed that the UPS rates provided by Shipstation are lower than the usual daily rates published by UPS. Having a published chart showing the rates for each weight/zone would be useful information for anyone using shipstations that offers "free shipping" to customers.


Shipstation support has said they have no such chart or table. Has anyone put anything like this together or would they like to see the Shipstation rates published?


Frequent Contributor

The rates are lower because ShipStation is a large enough company to negotiate lower rates. (I actually had a UPS account manager tell me to stick with ShipStation rates because they were lower than I'd ever get on my own for my company.) As far as zones, from what I understand, it's based off of a radius centered on the "ship from" location, so any rates they give someone in one location won't be useful to someone in another location. For example, my company is based in NYC. If you were in Texas, your rates would mean nothing to me, and vice versa.

That is a good point but I think you're wrong. UPS publishes daily rates on zones, and zones are fluid depending on the ship from location. For example my zone 2 in ohio could be zip codes 123-234 and your zip codes in New York for zone 2 could be zip codes 456-567. Both are zone 2 and would receive the same rates. Shipstation's contract should work the same way.



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Looks like the SS UPS rates are good for small and light but once you get some weight to an order our own negotiated rates look better. Any thoughts?

Exactly right. Over 6lbs+ gets expensive and using own rates is better. 

I have a chart of the rates if you'd like.

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We have our own UPS account and I just noticed that shipstation has their own ups negotiated rates.  I don't really see how I can compare the 2?  Any thoughts or advice

Hey there @jmoore


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To compare 2 different account's rates, you have a couple options! You can check this out on the order directly for that live rate. Alternatively, you can navigate to the rate calculator up at the top of the page, input your shipment's information, and see the rate breakdown between accounts and the services available therein. 


I hope this helps! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

I have an excel of the SS rates if you'd like. Doesn't let me upload it here. Give me a ring if want it. 732-631-8917. And you're all correct. Very low-weights SS is good. Over 6+ not good.

New Contributor

That makes sense, but it requires me to add on the UPS - Shipstation carrier.  Are there any downsides to doing that if we are just checking out the rates?  We have some integrations with Magento and some custom stores.  I don't think it would break those, but if we went with the UPS -Shipstation carrier it might require some dev work on our end?  Or is that all mapped through the shipstation interface?  Can't remember.

New Contributor

No it is just in ShipStation, add it to check it out. We leave both active and choose whichever is best for the situation. My opinion is the residential light weight are better through SS but the heavier cartons are better with our negotiated rates.

I wish they had a connection with FedEx that we could take advantage of.


I have such a chart if you still need.