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Why do I keep getting errors in printing labels using First Mail Class?


First time that happened to us. Shipstation is only accepting Priority Mail and Express Mail which is more expensive than First Mail class. We have been using First Mail Class for a long time already. Is there something that we can do without having to pay more in shipping these orders? 



Well you should be using Ground Advantage in place of First Class now. Check in your Settings > Shipping > Carriers and Fulfillment. Next to USPS, it will have a link displaying how many services there are enabled. Click that link to bring up the list of available services and make sure you have the box checked for USPS Ground Advantage and whatever else you want shown. Otherwise, something else must be going on.

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i'm facing the same issue with USPS Ground Advantage. Are you using Amazon Buy?


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someone in this forum said it won't work for 2+ months. i spoke to support and they made it seem like i didn't know what i was doing, even though i ship thousands of shipments a month throughout my different accounts. i don't know who to believe.

I saw that comment on another post too. But that can't be true because I am currently using Amazon Buy Shipping to purchase USPS Ground Advantage labels in ShipStation. The main issue now is that Amazon's delivery estimates for USPS are completely messed up. They're not making Ground Advantage available for orders that would normally be eligible because their system is saying that service won't deliver on time. Their delivery estimates for USPS are not what is shown on And apparently they think the delivery time for Ground Advantage 1-70 lbs is longer than Ground Advantage service for shipments under 1 lb. It's all over the place. They're very aware it's going on but don't know if they will fix. In the meantime they suggest increasing your delivery time in your shipping template. Oh also, sounds like Amazon changed seller's handling time to 0 or 1 days without them knowing, so check your general shipping settings in Amazon in case you usually have it set to 2 days handling. But I think that was only for seller's who had Shipping Settings Automation enabled in Amazon, so not sure if that applies to you. Below are a couple threads on the Amazon seller forum. There are many many people posting about it.

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