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We have the ability to scan product to verify it.  However, occassionally we need to manually verify an item if the barcode cannot be scanned.  Other times, the process of scanning to verify is not being followed.  We would like a report for each time someone manually verifies an item.

Thank you for your help.


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We have been asking for this for years. Shipstation shows no interest in implementing this. Since then we have switched to using Finale Inventory for pulling our orders and keeping track of our stock. The nice thing is it allows us to use a barcode scanner with android phone software that points us to the location of the parts and stops us when we get the wrong item. And we have an option to REQUIRE the barcode to be scanned. And if it isnt, the item is 'skipped' and the user marks the packing slip for a manager to verify the order. It also logs who and when the products were picked.