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We are now using Chit Chats. Unfortunately they are not a carrier with Shipstation, and their software is not nearly as robust and easy to use, especially with automations. The best way that I have found for using the automation of Shipstation within the Chit Chats system is through exporting orer to csv (their csv file format can be found here: Unfortunately, I have been unable to create a custom export file using SS because of the way they need the data imported. Specifically, the "description" field. In the Chit Chats csv, all products in the order need to be located in the same field, with a column for subtotal of all items. If I use the regular export fields, there is no option for product description. If I do a line item export, it breaks out every prodct into its own line, which means each line will be brought into CC as a separate shipment. Can you please add a field to export fields that puts all items in one cell, separated by a comma? Otherwise, we have to manually do this for each order which defeats the whole purpose of trying to save time. Thank you.
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