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Status: Investigating

I understand the shock of the V3 upgrade can somewhat be attributed to layouts and getting adjusted, etc. What I can't get over is just how slow everything is when you're clicking through the data. We've done our best to automate, create typical shipping presents, etc... but the fact remains, many orders require clicking or tabbing through the shipping fields.


Here's the problem. Every time you update a field, such as weight, height, width, depth, carrier, service, box type, etc...... the page freezes for about 1-2 seconds as it updates the shipping cost. This is not workstation specific. I've tried on our slower terminals and also on my blazing fast gaming machine.


Is there a way to turn off the auto-update on the shipping cost caluculation? Ideally it would just wait for inputs to stop being made. For example, if I update one of the fields it would wait just a second to see if I was updating something else. It would finally push the new cost after I stop typing or tabbing for more than 1 second.


This may come off as nit picky, but it just feels like slogging through a swamp while I'm trying to be fast and productive.





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I've also noticed that occasionally even though you can see V3 refreshing the rate and you can manually select the refresh rate icon, the rate doesn't actually refresh until after the label has been purchased and printed. With this happening, I can't really shop other carriers for the lowest rate, unless I want to void the label and try again. 


I haven't seen that behavior at all. When I change shipping parameters, it updates the rate with every field change I put in. It looks like the rate displayed is accurate. 


My problem is that there is no reason for the rate to display as you enter each field. I'm in the middle of filling everything out and the page lags every single time I change to a different field. Seriously... 100 shipments a day. Do you realize how much a 1/2 second lag between each field feels after a full day of using this POS service?

Hello Bobby_M and BC-Shipping! 


Thank you for bringing this feedback about the performance you have been experiencing. I assure you these types of reports are being actively investigated by our team! When I have reports back of improvements made in this direction, I will post here!

Status changed to: Investigating