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Status: Investigating

V3 no longer calculates the total paid by the customer after combining multiple orders nor does it recalculate the total weight and you cannot ask it to's like the weights for the items in the combined order no longer exist. And so, V3 makes the process of combining multiple orders by a single customer a lengthy process (first hand calculate the weights, make a note, then hand calculate the total paid in shipping, make a note, combine orders and notate to the customer what you did since Shipstation also does not automatically put that information on the packing slip...seriously why doesn't Shipstation automatically put all order numbers involved on the packing slip.


Please automatically combine the orders amounts paid and the weights of all items like in the legacy version and upgrade V3's packing slip to include all order numbers involved.

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Status changed to: Investigating

Hey there @muststash


This weight issue you have described is definitely something that we want to take a look at! I would absolutely encourage you to reach out to our support team via chat widget or email at We will want to investigate this behavior directly in your account! 


Additionally, we are reviewing both split shipping and combining orders and are about to roll out a totally new split ship functionality. You can read all about that new split ship here.


Your feedback in this regard is very appreciated by the team!