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Status: Resolved

Since using the new design for shipstation, "ShipStation Connect" forgets the default printing settings for packing slips and labels.

  1. Packing Slips should print on our laser printer
  2. Labels should print on our label printer

Nevertheless, since upgrading to the new version, each day we prepare labels and packing slips, choose the correct settings and then have to select the checkbox to "Save as Packing Slip print default" or "Save as Label print default".


After doing this at the beginning of each day, it seems to remember for the rest of that particular day.  But 24 hours later, all is forgotten in ShipStation Connect. It can't recall which documents go with which printer.


Am I the only one?

Occasional Contributor

You're not alone. We have to set up our printers for each work station each morning. 


Ever since the forced 'upgrade' I've been fighting with my printers every day. What used to 'just work' under the new version is now a constant struggle as shipstation does not save my printing defaults and only prints some kinds of documents on my printer but not others. Specifically, I can print End of Day forms and Order Summaries just fine on my printer, but if I try to use that printer to print Customs Invoices using the 'other forms' option in the dropdown, it simply will not print. I have to manually download and print every form which is yet another productivity drain.


I have reinstalled the printer drivers, reinstalled shipstation connect multiple times, restarted the computer and printer, cleared the cache, etc. 

New Contributor

It seems we are experiencing this same problem. Only when sending the Custom Forms print job through Shipstation Connect to our 8.5x11 brother printer.  Every other type of print job (packing slips, pick lists, etc) goes through.


As yet another workaround in this new version, we have to download the Customs Forms then print through Chrome. Using this version is death by a million small inefficiencies.


Each time I go out in the warehouse I have to talk the hammer out of my shipper's hands before she smashes the whole workstation. I have been telling her it is going to get better, and that they must be working like crazy to fix it but I think they are making a liar out of me.  So... next week I start demoing new software.

Status changed to: Investigating
New Contributor

printer default does not work at all for me....prompts me EVERY time!

Status changed to: Resolved

This behavior has been resolved with the new version of ShipStation Connect! 🙂 If you are still seeing this happen, please update to the new version and certainly feel free to reach out if you have any troubles doing so. 


Happy Shipping! 🙂 

New Contributor

Hi Davis,


I just updated to Connect version 4.2 and still cannot send "Other Forms" through ShipStation connect after uninstalling all other versions. 


Same behavior as before.... the first pop up window comes up saying it is sending print job to printer but the second pop up that indicates success never does.  Nor does it actually print of course.


I was so excited to see that something was actually fixed to make using the new version slightly more bearable... I simply loath every interaction I have to make with the software now



I see "Moderator-Davis" has changed this topic to "Resolved".  Regardless, it is still an ongoing issue with no change for us. Note that we are on the current/new version of SS.

Every day we have to reconfigure SS Connect to print packing slips and labels. It doesn't remember what the settings were from the day before.


Hey there @john16


If you are still experiencing this behavior, we want to investigate that directly! Please reach out to our support team via email or live chat widget.