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Status: Investigating

-I split the order into two items -open order details -selected to "configure shipment 1 of 2" -entered info for shipping just for that item -click Add to Batch in Order Details -Both items appeared in the batch and when I processed it they both came up with two separate packing slips and labels - had to remove the unwanted item from the batch manually to avoid creating labels for both items when one was not yet available to ship


During a chat with customer service, John found an alternative fix to get only one item in the batch after splitting a shipment


-split the order into two items -search for the order -selected one of the two lines for one shipment -Other Actions > Add to Batch -Only that shipment appeared in the batch and when processed, created only that label


This is a good alternative for me to use to get only one item to ship, but it would be nice if the split shipment feature inside the order details worked properly.

Status changed to: Investigating
Occasional Contributor

Any update on fixing this? I have split orders that refuse to be assigned to different batches. Thanks TRC for the workaround, but --- why? Seems broken.