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Since Shipstation forced an update on users with no warning or, it seems, non-existent/inadequate beta testing, Shipstation support is not even entertaining questions and directing users to tell Shipstation what's wrong with the update through their support forums 👏👏


First, it's complete BS that paid users have become beta testers. 


Second, the support team referring users to the community forum instead of providing actionable support is BS.


Third, the label rate while shipping is TINY. Why is one of the most important details before creating a label so minuscule and insignificant??


Fourth, there are far too many mouse clicks for the most basic thing, searching and shipping! Before, you could search for a SKU and it would search only for orders AWAITING SHIPMENT. You then quickly selected your order and proceeded to create the label. Now, your search returns everything, including irrelevant orders from as far back as 5 years ago! Want to see only your orders awaiting shipment, you have to actively click to only see orders awaiting shipment. For a shipping program in which shipping is the most-used function, why the hell are you making users click around so much? It takes more mouse clicks than ever to search and ship, eliminating any efficiency in the fulfillment process. It's very dumbfounding that this is even a problem that wasn't realized before you made paid users beta testers.

Occasional Contributor

How about the shipment history only saving the last 180 days. That's the best way to estimate shipping is by looking at my past shipment on that part. Now it's wiped out. 

Can the shipment history be saved for a longer period of time?????

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As usual the new rollout provides no new features that I desire and removes features that I need.

1) Can no longer hyperlink click the order number to jump to the actual order in ebay or amazon in the shipments tab.  Have to go back to the Order tab and its only available in the sidebar now.

2) Can no longer add additional shipments to an order.

3) Can no longer search by customer name in the shipment tab.  Have to go back to the Order tab.

4) Ridiculous to create a return now you can only do it from the Shipments tab but not inside the actual shipment.

Frequent Contributor

 @JKing  the entire history is still there fortunately.  It might need to used advanced search to go back past 180 days.