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Status: In Progress

The new version of ShipStation is missing some important features:

1. From the Orders listing, I can no longer hover over the customer name to see and view previous orders. It shows just a summary of old orders, but it is no longer clickable to their other orders. We have to manually copy paste the customer name or email in the Search area to find old orders, which is time consuming and less accurate of a way to see the customer order history, which used to be easy to access right from the Orders list.

2. Orders listing, Rate column - It is no longer clickable and can not be refreshed. We used to be able to see an orange alert button if the rate was missing, and refresh the rate right from the orders listing. Now we have to open the order to update the rate, which is time consuming over the old way. It also won't let you refresh the rate on a shipped order at all. The rate is sometimes missing on Shipped orders. This has always been a problem, but since you can't refresh it at all on a shipped order, it is missing from the list and any orders you export too.

3. Order Shipment configuration area - Dimensions. No longer accepts decimal point when typing. So If I type "12.25" it comes out as "1225". I then have to go back in and add the "." in between the 12 and the 25. This is time consuming and annoying.

4. The oz field also blocks decimal points unless it comes straight from the scale. It won't let you type them in. It shouldn't block decimal points. If fractions aren't accepted, it should be smart enough to round up what you enter instead of just blocking the decimal point which just ends up causing strange results. For Example, If I type in "8.2" in the oz field ShipStation ends up showing 5lbs 2oz!

Status changed to: In Progress