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New ShipStation

New Contributor

This new ShipStation is horrible. It wouldn't let me do half the stuff I use to. Why do you people have to justify your employment by screwing up something that actually worked!!!

Does anyone here know of another shipping platform I can go to? This place sucks!


Occasional Contributor

V3 literally deletes all the shipsurance and carrier paid insurance data! Look at SHIPMENTS columns! Your purchased insurance says $0.00!!!! It says $0.00 for everything we bought insurance for! We cannot even see the amount (for example for a $210 order we may have put $199 insurance to keep insurance fees low), but now if we open a insurance claim MONTHS later the shipsurance link is broken and NO longer populates data. We cannot even see what amount we originally put so and if we make an error (even by a penny on the claim form) they will auto deny the claim!  Shipstation thinks they know our business better than we do! 

They didn't even double check their programming. The tags section is difficult to read with ultra thin small font and they want to force us all to use this deceptive insurance pricing platform!? There are constant glitches because their staff does NOT use the platform everyday like we do!!! We pay $99 a month to be their BETA testers!!! Unethical!  We need to have grandfathered plans!!!! We never signed up for this mess!!!!


Who else is sick and tired of their changes that force us to re-train staff and lose revenue? If this continues all users may need to file a complaint and district attorney's offices to get our legally paid for insurance data! 

Occasional Contributor

I'm fairly sure some of my shipments yesterday went out with incorrect insurance. 

$400 items with only $100 coverage even though it said full value, the total cost for the shipment changed twice when I printed the label. 

Well said sellersavings! My home was burglarized once (I wasn't home) and I remember the anger and helplessness I felt. I get that same feeling with this crap. These fools jam this down our throats and we're supposed to believe this is better for us?! And to add insult to injury, ShipStation makes it impossible to even contact them! That's how I ended up here, trying to find a way to contact them. I use UPS, FedEx and USPS. I wish all of these "services" would follow FedEx's model. When you have to do a label manually, FedEx has not changed their format in at least the 12 years I've been using them. I can go there once a year later and practically do a manual label with my eyes closed.

You are right. These people do not have a clue what it's like to actually ship. You have schedules and customers and we'll spend the next few weeks fumbling around, wasting money, trying to figure out something that we never wanted in the first place.


I have enjoyed several dental surgeries more than I have enjoyed using this build.  

Thomas Romer

Occasional Contributor

I'm hoping that our grievances are actually heard (doubtful) and shipstation actually does something about this in a reasonable timeframe; otherwise I foresee them losing a lot of customers.  I'm also hoping more people take the time to log in and post about their experience. I'm positive that there are tons more people facing issues in silence, but we won't see meaningful change or responses without a large amount of noise being made.

Occasional Contributor

The new version is an utter failure. I really wish they would have taken into account all of the feedback that we shared during the beta version. I tried it multiple times and each time I switched back to V2 until I no longer had the option.  

I literally sent at least 20 very specific messages of feedback. Nothing of those ever changed. After a while I would just write “SUCKS” or “do I look fat in these jeans” because I knew nobody was listening. I did that at least 1000 times because the ONLY thing I liked better was unlimited batches and being able to name them. So I would open it — do that and leave.

Thomas Romer

I was doing this too. Just all caps I HATE THIS I HATE THIS I HATE THIS STOP MAKING ME USE IT.


We should start a thread where we list the bugs. Is there a way to do that without dupes? 


Or would it be easier to just list what still works. 😉

Thomas Romer

Occasional Contributor

I think a Megathread for Shipstation V3 Known Bugs/Issues/Grievances would be helpful. Everyone can be directed there and post their issue, and then the original post can be updated. Hopefully we can constantly keep it active and catch the eyes of staff. 


It's rather disheartening when we have sit here and watch  @Moderator-Davis  Interact with the couple threads that he can just push off onto tech support, while actively ignoring the multiple threads with significant grievances. I fully understand he's just a forum moderator and is limited in what he can actively do in terms of a remedy; however, he's the closest thing to a lifeline we have in the dire situation were in right now. The least he can do is interact with us, be transparent and proactive in whatever is in his capability to help us reach some kind of remedy.


I should also note that while we all are very frustrated, if we do get any moderator or staff interaction, lets be mature, collected, and respectful. I'm sure for whomever we engage with here isn't the one directly responsible for V3, and thus is not deserving of our wrath. 

Occasional Contributor

They have third party developers. That's where my ticket just escalated to.... what a mess this layout is. I don't know if they've changed the company that writes the code for them but it sure looks like they wanted to save some money and this is what we got.

Hello @sales180


Thanks for your comment and for being a part of our community.

I was able to look into your ticket and see that is currently assigned to our in-house team and is still actively being worked on. I apologize for any confusion - we are not using third party developers to work on the new layout.


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 

Hi @service15  and all of our other amazing community members, 


Thank you @service15 for your post! 


Please know that first and foremost our moderation and community management teams care about you and we have been working up a storm internally utilizing the feedback we have received. While we have been quiet, we have been listening intently and coming up with a game plan of how our department can assist with transparency, communication, and internal advocacy.


Please stay tuned as we should be announcing a more collected process for receiving new layout feedback in the coming days. I am really excited to share this news with you guys.


Thanks for your continued patience. 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 

How about unlocking the previous version while you figure this out? This new layout is costing me time and money to deal with. If it isn’t done soon, or if I am not let back into the previous version. I am gone. 

Thomas Romer

Seriously!  Isn't this what you should have been doing during all the time you were testing the new layout?  Why was it rolled out with so many problems?  And why won't you let us use the version we were all happy with while you fix these problems?

please please please please please let us go back to V2 while you figure out all these bugs. It isn't fair to force your paying customers to be your guinea pigs. We use your service to make our business workflow more efficient, and forcing us to beta test and log bugs for you is the opposite of that. Unless you want to start paying us for it and refunding us the cost of the subscription + increase in time spent.

Occasional Contributor

i couldn't even get a refund when shipstation servers were down for a day. their argument was that it was "only" 1 day of 5 shipping days.
but we ship perishable items, and can only ship on one day a week so it arrives before the weekend. by missing that day, we had to upgrade all shipments from 3-day express to 2-day air. you can imagine the cost. 
but nope. no credit or refund from shipstation.

Occasional Contributor

Hi Erin -


Would it be possible to get a ShipStation to create and share a public roadmap? Many other companies do this and it's a great way to 'give the customers what they want' by allowing customers to suggest features/functions, but more importantly, it allows the customers to up vote items that they feel are the most important. Trying to keep track of feature requests and issues through this forum is a nightmare for us customers and I'd imagine for the ShipStation staff as well. 


Take a look at this (there are many other companies out there who do this, this is just one quick example):

Occasional Contributor

y'all notice that @Manager-Erin isn't saying that shipstation is going to fix the problems with v3. erin is merely saying they're changing moderation of communication here in the seller community. asking moderators to let us roll back to v2 "until v3 problems are fixed" is irrelevant because v3 isn't getting fixed


I am pissed at how much time this new build is burning. This sucks. I need to find time to research a new software company for shipping,. Maybe I’ll gp back to Endicia. It’s been years since I ditched them for not having good options for uploading bulk CSV orders. I’ll bet that have that down now. 

Thomas Romer

Occasional Contributor

People we have been screwed long enough. CONTACT THE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES BELOW. Put a Kudos if you are willing to contact them and file a formal complaint. Putting a Kudos may help other users see this post too.

Shipstation KNOWS EXACTLY what the glitches are, and they KEEP updating the platform every year and making us pay THEM a hefty monthly fee to be their BETA testers! This negatively disrupts all of our businesses. Now all of our purchased insurance (in the shipments section under the insurance column) says $0.00 for EVERYTHING (past and present). The shipsurance link is blank and our claims will be auto-denied because we can't fill out insurance forms correctly. Insurance also MUST be filed correctly within a strict time frame. 

This is pure insurance fraud through purposeful negligence. We reported this glitch over two weeks ago and they still forcibly launched the new dashboard on our accounts knowing insurance would not be processed and displayed correctly. Thus causing us to lose revenue on insurance we legally purchased.  Receipts are required by law and they no longer show us what insurance we purchased if we need to file a claim in the future. We should be grandfathered in as this is NOT the dashboard nor functions we paid to sign up for. 

Here are contacts below for anti-trust violations at the justice Department, Federal Trade commission Bad Practices, USPS postal inspector and Shipurance contact pages to file formal complaints.

Shipstation ignores our complaints but these folks won't. They will investigate. If shipstation tries to delete this comment, or take vengeful action against any of our accounts (after we video screen shot it) their actions will also be added to our report for anti-trust violation and account manipulation (bad business practices). All we are asking for is that our dashboards work properly, and they give us the services we paid for! 


Email them about how this adversely affects your business, (i.e. insurance claim receipts not being filed correctly after payment, etc.) and send screen shots if you can.

DEPT OF JUSTICE - ANTI-TRUST UNIT.  ;  - Anti-Trust Justice Dept.

FTC - Federal Trade Commission (email or live chat). Report bad business practices. 

USPS POSTAL INSPECTOR complaint center (we are purchasing insurance and then our account displays this insurance as $0.00 after legal purchase.  

SHIPSURANCE CONTACT FORM - Let them know the insurance link form is broken in Shipstation and all past purchased insurance now says ZERO even after they took our money. Leaving us no way to file claim accurately - thus we will be denied even though we are entitled to insurance we paid for. 

Antitrust Division, U.S. Dept. of Justice
Phone: 212-335-8000 - 26 Federal Plaza, Room 3630 - New York, NY 10278-0140

Office of Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Operations Antitrust Division, U.S. Dept. of Justice
Phone: 202-514-3543 - 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 3218 - Washington, DC 20530 

You can also search for and contact your local district attorney's office.

We are not helpless people. It is sad that we need someone else to take action as this change directly makes us all lose revenue. Shipstation should have never forced us all into this situation.


INSURANCE IS PAID FOR (you can see what fees we paid for the insurance), but it says we have $0.00 coverage.  We cannot even tell if our staff correctly insured the orders nor can we file an accurate amount on the insurance form (Screen shot below): 


SCREEN SHOT BELOW: When you click the Shipsurance link to file a claim for a lost or damaged packages the link is broken in this new dashboard. UNACCEPTABLE!!!! 




Who spearheaded this v3? Get us back to v2.


There is this old saying in politics. That when you get a letter from a constituent on an issue — you may as well multiply that by 1000 because most that feel the same will just not bother to write. So when you get 10,000 letters, that means you have a real problem. I am sure there are a TON of users that just haven’t complained yet.


Which is probably why we all got that satisfaction survey this week. I think they are getting concerned and want to see how badly their users are feeling.

Thomas Romer