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Status: Investigating

1. V3 makes the order summary page more cumbersome, need to scroll for more info.
Line spacing is a bit too much, 
As a long V2 user, having all the info on the page without scrolling down is a killer.
2. Customs declaration is too complicated, v2 has a very simple structure and it is right under the items of the order so easy to compare.
in V3 it is on the right side where you need to find it and overcomplicated - i.e. not as simple as v2, and it is blended with the shipping configuration, not as clear as v2
3. the overall orders page is a bit too much zoomed in, we currently need to zoom out to 90% in order to have all the info needed, but it then makes the order summary page narrow and smaller
4. the overall design is hard to get used to, missing some colors for visuals to have clear separators of sections.
Simplicity is good but productivity is better.


As I don't think SS is planning on fixing any these any time soon (after 3-4 years of complaints)...


If you use the Inspect function on your browser (right-click element you want to change > Inspect Element), you can fix a few formatting issues to however you prefer, including line-height, font-size, bold, padding, etc. Needs some CSS/HTML knowledge; or if you're feeling confident enough, this isn't inherently difficult and simple changes can be done with a Google search. This is a temporary fix though so if you refresh, close the tab, or Shipstation crashes, you need to reinput everything. (Happened now as I'm typing this all up. 😄 )


Also, if you disable the tax-information box, I find that (occasionally) helps with the speed.


You can change these too, if you dare:


Status changed to: Investigating