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Status: New
  •  Quick Ship Off -  Remove the pop up that appears when printing a batch.  This is annoying.  Allow users to click print and have orders print immediately. 
  • Quick Ship Off - If there is a single error in the batch, after correcting the error the batch will not auto print, and the user must yet again manually click "print labels" -  Developers:  The user should not have to worry about this extra step,  correcting the error should immediately result in labels printing automatically 
  • Quick Ship Off - If Pop-Up box is closed to soon after labels have been "allocated"  but not yet sent to printer, the labels will not print.  Yet another reason why this Pop-Up box is terrible for users.  It only slows us down, since we have to just sit there and wait for the labels to start printing before exiting the Pop-up box.
  • Quick Ship ON - I don't even know why this needs to be said, but at the very least if you insist on making printing batch as annoying as possible, at least allow quick ship ON to just print the labels upon clicking "print"  - Why do the developers insist on not allowing users to simply click a button to print labels.  Why must users manually find the batch in "Label Queue" with quick ship activated.  Please address this.
  • Individually printing labels "too fast" will cause software to skip labels being printed.  If you try printing individual labels "too fast", the software will recognize these labels as having printed [the order will appear in label queue history] but the label itself will have not printed from the actual printer.  This is misleading and causes orders to be left behind if not careful
  • If you are further Splitting an order that has already been split,  the contents of the entire order will appear in the splitting User Interface.  This is unnecessary.  If i am splitting an order that only contains 5 line items at this point,  why would i want to see the full 30 line items of the original order? [For example]
  • Splitting an order that is "On Hold" Automatically moves the new split back to Awaiting Shipments.  Is this intended?  What is the point of this feature.  Its more of a nuisance, as much of the time I have to go chase the order down in awaiting shipments and then manually put it back on hold [where it should have stayed this entire time].
  • If you search a specific Order Number, and the order is "On Hold,"  if the user removes this order from Hold, the order number no longer remains on the screen.  In the previous iteration of Shipstation, in these instances, the order would remain on the screen while having the order status change from Hold to Awaiting Shipments.  In the current version the user must take the extra step of finding it in awaiting shipments before printing.  I realize this is not a big deal, but in our workflow we prefer to print labels only when they are in "Awaiting" status.  So when removing orders from Hold, it was nice to print the same order without having to leave the page.
  • Manual changes to the shipping service and Package type in the Sidebar Interface sometimes do not save if the user moves away from the order "too fast"
  • The entire software appears to "fall asleep" after about an hour or two, and if the user does not refresh the entire page, then labels will not print at all. User must refresh the page every few hours just to keep the connection with printer stable apparently
  • There are often times when selecting an order does not show the information on the sidebar and the user must manually deselect then reselect the same order just to pull up the order information on the sidebar
  • While using the Tag Feature, if the user has multiple tags selected and then attempts to deselect ONE of them, the interface deselects ALL tags.
  • Apparently if other users on the same account [Different usernames, same account] print from different printers, the print settings for ALL users on the account get reset and must be manually adjusted each time.
  • Order cannot be combined while "On Hold"  -  What is the point of this?   Is this a bug?  All it is is frustrating to users like myself who sometimes need to combine orders On Hold.
  • Order notes are deleted upon combining multiple orders.  Why?  

Please acknowledge these issues, especially those regarding "Quick Ship"


Hey there @shipspeed


Thank you for taking the time to write this all out! We appreciate your willingness to provide these details. 


This is really good feedback that will surely be investigated. While I cannot make promises on each and every bullet point, please know that we are fully reviewing this with our team.



Nice list @shipspeed!

Do you shipstation devs have a formal bug depository? (some place for a master list of bugs, rather than sporadically located user generated lists?) That way I have a way of knowing if my particular bug/feature is noted/what the response from the team currently is/what to expect going forward. 

Basically, just finding out how long do I need to create a hack to fix, till the more permanent solutions can be pushed.

-Atwood Rope


We've been having the same issue with the printer settings being reset, so thank you for sheding some light on this, as we couldn't figure out a common trigger point. Hopefully they get this sorted soon, as we have 3 users who continuously process/print orders from ShipStation and it's extremely frustrating to not have the presets stick. 

Occasional Contributor


I have been having the exact same issues with the software going to sleep

When I am away and have to bring the PC back up the software won't print anything without refreshing the browser first

I have uninstalled the current version and went back to an older version supplied thru download from a support associate and it still is the same

There is no rhyme or reason as to why it works good for a day or so and then goes back to not functioning

Kind of annoying to have to add these steps just to get a high priced software to work?

But it is what is available for what we need right now