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Occasional Contributor

Has anyone else noticed that since moving to V3 - shipstation has become unstable?  It logs me out at least once a da y while printing labels and then I have to log in using that #$@!~ "Select all images with bicycles" crap.


Plus I have been trying to get an issue resolved with support for about 3 weeks and go days without a response.




I've reported probably a dozen issues we've been experiencing with V3 and none of them have yet to be fixed.


I don't think I've ever seen a product rollout so buggy.


I'm having severe issues with combining and split orders.

Hey there yall, 


I'm glad to see that y'all are both participating in active investigations with support for the troubles you've mentioned.


These details provided in your reports to our support team are genuinely very helpful, and your patience is immensely appreciated.


This community is a tremendous wealth of knowledge, and truly, we are a stronger team when folks like yall participate with us 🙂 


V3 is terrible. there are more bugs, the platform is slow, and very user unfriendly. 

-splitting orders causes confusion in how orders are separated

-making another shipment for an order removes the product from the packing slip

-loading carrier rates takes forever for shipstation to cycle

-on the shipments page shipments are not listed in the order they are shipped; have to search for shipments (not chronological)

-when generating a label sometimes the label does not appear so it is impossible to tell if the label cost has been deducted or not; causes duplicate label costs

-product descriptions started adding unrelated description text confusing customers on what is in the package

-a bug in the shipping weight causes shipstation to load incorrect weights (like 68lbs instead of 2lb 4oz) causing high label cost if the mistake is not caught prior to printing; eliminates ability to auto-print labels since every shipment must be double checked (shipping has been up to 6X more when weight is wrong)

For such a mature product it slows down our shipping process rather than speeds it up.