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Occasional Contributor
Status: In Progress

I’ve had my staff using the new version for a couple months now and it’s killing my productivity. Here are some issues that need resolved:
1. I can’t enter decimals in weight - if I do, it add it to the current amount in the oz field.
2. Create and print is so SLOW!
3. The pop ups that appear after a label is created, are obnoxious and keep me from being able to x out of the shipping box so I can move on to the next order.
4. International shipping is completely manual now.

5. Split ship is so confusing compared to the old version.


I’m surprised these items haven’t been fixed since beta started years ago. I’d prefer to go back to the old version until this version is ready for roll out.

Frequent Contributor

I'd love to see a report of users like myself of how many times I've had to contact support weekly since the V3 force-over compared to before. I'm reaching out multiple times a week now and before it was maybe once every couple of months.

Occasional Contributor

the new version is absolutely terrible there isnt a single thing better about it.


i have a ticket open right now either they let me go back to V1 or im off to shippo or elswhere

Status changed to: In Progress
Occasional Contributor

Haha, this issue is 'In Progress'.  Yeah right.  The new split ship is so terrible.  I hate when companies update their stuff which makes stuff break and take away features and mess up the other ones.