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Status: In Progress

i tried the new layout I like but few bug doesn't show when the other shipper ship  and it doesn't detect the Dymo scale 

so i went back to the old layout hope it get fixed before the new layout  get forced out to use it

anyone else have the problem? 


PLEASE share how you were able to go back to the old layout.  There are several things that aren't available on the new layout (such as a properly working rate calculator).  It is so frustrating that I spent yesterday looking at new postage providers.

Frequent Contributor

Same place on top were it says try new layout click there should somethingthere 

Leave a feedback & it should take u back onve u click ok


Shipstation is making migration mandatory for some accounts. The "Feedback" link and rollback is not available for those that were forced to migrate such as ourselves 😞

Frequent Contributor

V3 keeps resetting my default scale (Mettler Toledo) and printers. I just shipped 3 orders without realizing the scale wasn't updating. There's no warning it just keeps the saved weight. Now I'll need to void them and start over. This is getting old really quick.

Yesterday support had me clear my cache, claiming that would fix it. It did not.

I also do not have the option to switch back to V2. 😠

Status changed to: In Progress