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Channel Advisor Store Order Update Broken / Inconsistent Operational Handicap

New Contributor

Routine errors on Oct 9th,10th 11th on our Channel Advisor store update. This has spiked since our forced enrollment in high volume. These errors have resulted in blocks of  1 to 8 hours. We have had to import our orders manually to a created store. In addition we also had 52% of our orders on 10/9 simply never import.

Channel Advisor references documentation regarding API Call Limit being exceeded as the root cause..

This error happened infrequently in the past years on a 30-minute update interval as well as ShipStation Unattended update.

ShipStation Support has attempted a variety of adjustments on our account. All with no fix or concrete information about the problem.

I assume we are not alone on this integration issue. As of now no permanent solution has been offered.